Student testimonials

I visited ILT for 3 weeks in order to brush up on my English. I did appreciate learning in a personal way with flexible and adaptable teachers as well as the mix of ages and nationalities in my class. ILT is easy to get to from everywhere in Sydney. For me morning class in everyday English was perfect way to combine improving English and discovering Sydney. I would choose ILT again. 

Susanne, 62,  Switzerland

At ILT I found really what I needed. I improved my vocabulary and I got more confident in speaking English. Natalie and Will are very professional, friendly and welcoming. I suggest ILT.

Alberto, Italy

During my holidays in Sydney I wanted to brush up my English. I wanted to learn in a personal way, with flexible and adaptable teachers. So I chose ILT.  I took the everyday class, because it’s not as high pressure as business classes, just right to combine holiday and studying English. We were a mix group of ages and nationalities and we had a great time together. The personal touch from the teachers helped us to speak without inhibitions. I’m very happy with the result of my English. I can recommend ILT in every way and for everybody.

Christa, 60,  Switzerland

Definitely I enjoyed my time here, the training was challenging and often spontaneously customised. Small groups of only 2 students was perfect.

Manuel, 30,  Austria

I could have a precious experience through ILT Sydney.

Yukiko, 45, Japan

You teached an old dog new tricks. I am 63 years old and I was beginner level. For two weeks I was attending your excellent classes for four hours a day. Now I can do simple every day communication also I feel prepared for travelling Australia. I will visit your classes definitely again during my next stay in Sydney. It was a great pleasure.

Ruedi, Switzerland

Before I came to ILT, I took IELTS test three times. In every test that I took before, I scored over band 7 for all sub-tests except writing. My writing score maintained at 6.5 which became my obstacle to achieve a four-7 result. The band 7 in writing was like a hurdle for me, so I felt necessary to ask for advice and instruction from a professional tutor. After the first tutorial provided by William, he suggested that my vocabulary and grammar was not the problem but the structure, logic and style of writing was. Followed by his recommendation, I took 10 hours of training with intensive writing exercises (12 pieces of task 1 and 4 pieces of task 2) in two weeks, after which I successfully got a band 8 in the IELTS writing test and finally achieve the overall four-7 result.

Bonnie, China

I got writing brand 6.5 for 3 times and was quite struggling with the structure of my task 2 writing. Will has been really helpful in terms of improving my cohesive and logical structure. With the assistance of the 20-hour session, finally I got 7.5 for writing! Will has helped me discover my logical and structural flaws (which were quite fatal), and assisted me develop cohesive and coherent structure in terms of different types of questions. This turned out to be a success. Thanks!

Joyce, China